Regarding Videos in Wonderland

Thank you to those reading along. I have updated the videos page to include some things with a bit more substance, including the following:

-Who Wrote the Bible, Part 1, documentary

-The Secrets of the 12 Disciples, Part 1, documentary

-John Shelby Spong, Burke Lectureship on Religion & Society, 2005, lecture

-Dig This: David Noel Freedman, interview

-Jarvis Lecture on Christianity and Culture: William Dever, Part 1, lecture

-The Bible Unearthed, Part 1, documentary

-The Bible’s Buried Secrets, Part 1, documentary

-From Jesus to Christ, Part 1, documentary

It can be found by following the “Video Adventures in Wonderland” link to the right, or by clicking here:



4 thoughts on “Regarding Videos in Wonderland

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