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Where is Harold Camping When the World Needs Him the Most?

Who do we follow now?

With May 21, 2011 coming and going without incident, with old gurgling Harold Camping being curiously silent, with his radio stations playing prerecorded programming, with his websites becoming unavailable and as the topic now turns to the millions and millions of dollars that were donated by ignorant followers, many of which had apparently drawn from their childrens’ college funds or their retirement savings, what is the world to do now?

Follow the Money !

Does it come as a big surprise that a bunch of people who believe in the rapture, which isn’t in the Bible, scheduled for today’s date, which isn’t in the Bible, based on a timeline, which isn’t in the Bible, by a Trinitarian deity, which isn’t in the Bible, looking forward to living in a Heaven, which isn’t in the Bible, will be let down when all these predictions, that aren’t actually in the Bible, don’t come true?

Not at all.  The simple fact is that Christians don’t actually “believe” the Bible.  It doesn’t appear that most Christians have ever actually read the Bible.  They seem to simply create their own self-serving beliefs and claim that they come from the Bible, often citing proof-texts from the Bible, taken out of context.  They’ll likely just make new predictions and claim that they’re also in the bible.

If nothing else good comes from this particular failed apocalyptic prophecy, the most recent of the countless other failed apocalyptic prophecies, beginning with those in the Bible, perhaps this experience will prompt people to actually study what the Bible says and what the authors meant when they wrote those numerous, often anonymous or pseudonymous, writings that ultimately ended up becoming “God’s Word”.

I don’t feel much sympathy for the passive/aggressive and arrogant followers of Harold Camping.  They have no one to blame but themselves.  Had one actually studied the Bible, one would know that the book is filled with warnings against such false prophets.  Even though false prophets were often the ones doing the warning.   Tell me that ain’t a hoot !

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4 thoughts on “Where is Harold Camping When the World Needs Him the Most?

  1. Amazing. And yet I am not surprised. Either Harold Camping had it all figured out and scammed everybody so he could retire rich, or he’s so embarassed that he just wants to hide.

    You know what else might not be in the Bible? The cross! Because Gunnar Samuelsson figured out from the linguistics of the veribage that one can’t tell one way or another what sort of cruel wooden instrument of torture Jesus was put to death on.

    Posted by Ed-M | May 22, 2011, 12:02 pm
    • Following your link, I found this brief article on the CNN Belief Blogs that seems to relay Samuelsson’s position fairly clearly. I think the important detail in any historical recreation would be that Jesus would have been executed by the Roman government. The exact manner of that execution may never be known. If I’m not mistaken, one of the issues brought up by Jehovah’s Witnesses is the confusion in this terminology.

      I will say this. A wooden spike on a chain-necklace ain’t nearly as inspiring as a bejeweled, ornate cross. Can I get an amen?

      Y’ever wonder what Jesus would say if he were to find out that of all the things that he may have said, or believed, or tried to share, the most celebrated thing in his memory by far, if you look at Christian iconography (art, architecture, jewelry) is apparently a fricken’ cross, a torture device. But, selling the cross and crosses is a great business, I would imagine.

      It’s like a Christian I.D. badge.

      Soldiers of the Cross

      Oh no he di’un’t. Oh, yes he did.

      Posted by Xcntrik | May 22, 2011, 1:14 pm


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