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An Apocalyptic Christmas Story

An Apocalyptic Christmas Story

By Xcntrik and Revelation 12:1-6

 ‘Twas the night before Christmas
the sun she did wear.
With the moon b’neath her feet
and twelve stars in her hair
in pain she was crying
giving birth to a son.
He would be the redeemer,
he would be, the One.

 Then appeared in the heaven
a great dragon of red.
Seven crowns did he wear
on his seven, ten horned heads.
With the wag of his tail
and a terrible sound,
a third of the stars
were swept down to the ground

 So he sat and he waited
for this child to be born.
He would make a fine breakfast
on this fine Christmas morn.
But before the red dragon
could dine on his feast,
the child was transported
away from the beast.

 Through the heavens did travel
this child of Unknown.
‘Till safely he rested
with God on his throne.
And the woman, his mother
was hidden from fears,
where she would be nourished
for three and a half years.

 Evil was defeated
In the Cosmos that day.
The child, now full grown
comes to show us the way.
For the end is at hand,
he will soon make all right.
Every day will be Christmas
and for all, a good night.




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