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Crucifixion On A Cross or Stake? Wayman’s Thoughts On The Debate

I always enjoy Wayman’s perspectives.  Perhaps others will as well.



3 thoughts on “Crucifixion On A Cross or Stake? Wayman’s Thoughts On The Debate

  1. Yes, he’s definitely thought provoking. He once had a pointed discussion with another Youtuber called calpurnpiso on whether the Romans crucified or impaled.

    Well, if crucifixion was the way Christianity defines it (and most scholars on the subject accept for they are evangelical Christians themselves) the Romans never crucified, they impaled people.

    But if you go by the ancient writings and the epigraphy, they most certainly did crucify as well as impale. It turns out, under Rome, the crucified condemned convicts were not just nailed or tied to jerry-rigged crosses, they were also subjected to a “seat” that doubled as a “safe” impaling stake. The compulsory dance of the cross guaranteed a humiliation infinitely greater than just simple impalement.

    Posted by Ed-M | February 3, 2012, 3:44 am
  2. I always come away with something new to think about listening to Wayman’s commentary.

    Great vid.

    Posted by Water_Nymph | January 23, 2012, 9:37 am


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